Rudolph’s Challenge

Santa Claus is away on business when the Grinch decided to steal all the Christmas gifts. You take the challenge of playing Rudolph, Santa Claus’s very special reindeer!
Together you set out on a adventure to collect and bring back all the lost gifts!

Rudolph’s Challenge is a top down racing game made exclusively for iPhone4 (and newer) and iPad2 (and newer)

Game Features:
– Unique and uplifting soundtrack with a happy Christmas feeling
– 12 unique levels divided into 3 chapters
Chapter 1 – An unexpected winter morning (learn the controls and features in the game)
Chapter 2 – A refreshing winter walk (somewhat challenging)
Chapter 3 – Cross the frozen lake ‘n beyond (challenge!)
– High score list for all levels
– Easy to use interface and simple in-game controls, navigation with gyroscope
– No violence or inappropriate content for young users!
– No in-app purchases!

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