RPS Rock the World

Play Rock Paper Scissors ONLINE and settle disputes with your FRIENDS wherever they may be!

This is the only ONLINE TURN-BASED Rock Paper Scissors game in a true sense of the word. Just pick your friend from the address book and start playing wherever your friend may be at the moment. Play at your own pace and play as many games as you want simultaneously – you and your friends will be notified when it’s time to make a move.

Can’t decide whose turn to pay for lunch? Making a bet? Battle it out! Set the stakes, number of rounds and let the battle commence!

– Smack Chat: poke your friends with witty comments
– Customize your weapon
– Want just kill time? Play at random with whoever is out there
– Not sure which way to go? Play against computer to decide
– See history of all games you played and all disputed you settled
– Detailed stats keep track of your performance versus your friends

IMPORTANT: Make sure to register, otherwise your friends won’t be able to find you.

If you enjoyed Draw Something and Words with Friends you will enjoy this game too.

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