RPG is a simple dungeon crawler, with practically infinite dynamically generated levels and friendly Touch user interface. It is aimed at the youngest of RPG fans. It has been tested by my 2.5 years old daughter, so please do not expect the complexity of Diablo 4.

You play as Touch.

Your Touch will automagically upgrade as it gains Karma. Press and hold on your Touch to check the stats or modify them, like in an adult RPG.

Shake your device to show Shake Menu from where you can Reset Dungeon, Restore Purchases or Send Feedback.

Reset Dungeon will keep all your stats intact.

Restore Purchases can propagate purchase of Deep Levels to all devices linked to the account which was used for the purchase.

I always appreciate if you Send constructive Feedback to me, please.

RPG starts at 0 yo and is mostly free. Venturing into levels beyond 0, 1 and 2 yo will cost you the modest non-zero amount of money Apple App Store can charge.

When your life goes zero, your Touch will reincarnate. The dungeon will reset and you are back at the beginning, with your stats as before reincarnation.

Order is linked to your life.

Light and Chaos are linked to your Karma gain ability.

Dark will let you cast Teleport when you reincarnate. It can be purchased with Wealth but it cannot be sold.

Wealth can be used for purchasing Dark.

Karma can be traded for Order, Light and Chaos and is gained from interfering with denizens of dungeon (no need to kill).

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