RPG Slots HD

Spin your way through 3 cool campaigns, 21 daunting dungeons, 3 challenging challenge dungeons and almost 100 bodacious battles! Customize the game with over 80 pieces of excellent equipment, 17 impressive items and 8 stupendous skills! More battles, always free, soon!

7 Reel Awesomeness!
The battles take place on our astounding 7 reel slot machine! You, the player, and your foe, the monster, have three reels each with the center reel being the shared bonus multiplier reel!

Payline Madness!
34 total paylines for well-nigh constant action!

Game Changing Payouts!
The payouts can be health or armor that keep you alive, attacks that damage your foe, gold that can be used to upgrade the game, and other payouts that affect the battle!

But Beware!
Your foe is also getting payouts and they won’t help you! In fact they might hurt a great deal!

Superb Stunning Spins!
You start every dungeon with a Stun spin! Use it to put your foe in their place (as in they don’t get to spin) for several spins! Hit payouts to recharge the stun!

Your Life Is On The Line!
Not your literal life but the player’s life!

Victory Has It’s Rewards!
Defeat the foe to gain experience and gold! Defeat all of the normal foes and play the tougher boss battle! Defeat the boss and get FREE SPINS on the BONUS SLOT MACHINE!

Super Duper Bonus Time!
Crank up your winnings on the 5 reel and 5 row bonus slot machine! Tons of pay lines! Bonus multipler!

Treat Yourself To Something Pretty!
Spend that hard earned gold and crystals to buy better gear! Over 80 different pieces of equipment that directly impact the slot machine! 7 different categories of equipment!

Items Change Everything!
Items change the symbols and payouts during the battle! 17 different items to choose from! Use multiple items during one battle! They are key to long life and victory!

Improve Yourself!
Crushing your foes (or even being defeated) earns you experience that can be used to improve any of the 8 skills! Skill can increase the payouts, keep you alive longer or even give you more of those super sweet bonus spins!

Show Up Your Friends With Leaderboards!
Prove what you have always know! Leadeboards let you show up your friends!

Get A Sense Of Achievement!
Feel like you’re doing something with in game achievements!

Pirates Are Coming! For Free!
New content coming! All new content free! Everyone loves pirates except when they attack and attack they will!

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