RPG Puzzle

★ We invite you to exciting RPG Puzzle world!! ★

▶ Synopsis ◀

A world in which mankind and monsters coexist.
‘Cross World’
When human is able to fly the sky with technologies,
people think this peaceful time would stay forever, but
for some reason, monsters under the world …
becomes a threat to human, breaking the balance.
To survive this crisis,
the king of Cross World, Cross III, gives his three wise knights……

▶ Features ◀

– New type of VS Puzzle Game. Destroy enemies castle to win!!
– Understand each characteristic of our forces, enemies and god of death.
– Dynamic and exciting VS Puzzle with varius attacks ( Normal, Skill, Cannon, etc.. )
– Upgrade your character and castle to make stronger.
– You can enjoy all kinds of puzzle with Story Mode, Mision Mode and Puzzle Mode.

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