R.P.G. Click

It’s all about the clicks when you think about it. You play an R.P.G. and you do task after task to get more XP, so you can level up, to get money, to buy cool stuff, that allows you to get more XP, and more money faster. What’s the purpose…to buy more cool stuff. When you strip away the story and graphics, its all about how fast you click a button and how wisely you spend your money in the early game so you can get to the end game content faster. R.P.G. click gets rid of all the distractions and gives you the gameplay you want. Button clicking to gain XP, button clicking to make money, and a market where you can turn your in game money into cool stuff that will let you get your character money faster.

R.P.G. click features an interactive story about a button that needs to be clicked, and go on epic clicking quests. You can buy him/her pets, mounts, and armor sets to help make these “quests” go faster. There is a market and a full-featured currency exchange. You can make multiple characters and level them up again and again.

You can also get competitive with your friends and compete to see who can get the highest score across XP, Gold, Silver, and Copper. So what are you waiting for, jump in and start clicking.

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