Royale Poker Odds

Poker % is an elegant and powerful poker odds calculator that helps thousands of serious players around the world. It has become a top ranked poker app in all the appstores around the world for several reasons:
1) Outstanding user-friendliness
2) Rapidity of the calculations
3) Choice of the indicators that truly matter for fast decisions
4) Overall look and feel and retina

Available in english, french, italian, japanese and partly translated in spanish and russian.

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“An excellent tool and from what I can see the only poker odds calculator you will need on your iPhone. […] Excellent graphics and speed as well. Product is reliable and professionally designed.”
Top resource for rating poker odds calculators

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Core features:
✓ Starting hands characteristics (win or tie percentage/odds, ranking over 169, expected value depending on number of players and position, Sklansky group, Hellmuth group)
✓ List of outs on flop and turn, chances to get the outs
✓ Win or tie percentage/odds vs random players (from 1 to 9)
✓ Ranking of the hand on flop, turn and river
✓ Hand ranges against your best opponents. Ranges include Top starting hands, pairs, broadway, flush draws, straight draws or any pairs you selected
✓ Odds calculation against given hands, up to 7 opponents
✓ 4 color deck option
✓ A lot of bonuses on poker odds
✓ Video demo embedded
✓ Speech recognition allowing you to tell your cards while playing on line

Hereafter, some of its outstanding features:

✓ EASY CARDS SELECTION: Selecting cards has never been so easy. Move your thumb on the piano-like keyboard and tap the selection cards. You can also pronounce your cards in english and the embedded speech recognizer will display them (useful feature while playing on line).

✓ STARTING HANDS EXPECTED VALUE: Even more important than your chance to win, this indicator corresponds to what you can expect as average gain/loss from your current situation (Pocket cards + number of players + position). By this way, you can accurately know the value of your current situation and play accordingly.

✓ NUMBER OF OUTS ON FLOP AND ON TURN: This screen has been made to avoid you any headache while counting the outs. As shown below, the table displays the number of outs and associated draws. Move your finger over the table and you will get the outs displayed. Just easy …

✓ CHANCES TO WIN OR TIE AGAINST 1 TO 9 PLAYERS: You will get all those results in a few seconds. All the chances calculated in this software could be displayed in % or in odds by tapping the figure.

✓ CHANCE TO WIN OR TIE AGAINST GROUPS OF CARDS : This feature is a breakthrough innovation ! In a few seconds, you will get your chance to win or tie against a set of representative pocket cards (between 30 to 70 pairs depending on the board and your own pocket cards). Those pairs are identified thanks to a powerful algorithm. You can then sub-select the groups of cards you are interested in, whether it should be the “top starting hands”, straight draws, flush draws, … or any combination of your choice. This feature is really powerful, especially for high stakes games, when you want to know your chance against the cards you think your opponent might have.

✓ ODDS AGAINST 1 TO SEVEN KNOWN OPPONENT POCKET CARDS. This feature could be used after the game, once you really know your opponent cards, or to build some scenario and enrich your own experience.

LUCK is oalso important for this game … Sure this app will bring you good luck …

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