Royal saboteur

Belgium is a world champion when it comes to failing to form a government. They broke the world record on 17 February 2011. No other country has ever spent so long trying to create a government. The leaders of the two main
parties that won the elections of 13 June 2010 – N-Va president Bart De Wever and PS president Elio Di Rupo – have so far failed to reach an agreement. In the meantime, the king has run out of options.

In this fun game, you get to sabotage the creation of a Belgian government. You give the king still more reasons to despair. Choose a side: Flanders or Wallonia. You then have to get inside the mind of Bart De Wever or Elio Di
Rupo and try to sabotage the creation of a government.

Your political opponent will put proposals on forming a government to the king. You have to prevent this happening using everything you can muster. If you are Bart De Wever eating French fries, you can toss the bag in the direction of Elio Di Rupo. The aim of the game is to sabotage the maximum number of proposals – so that you become the new world champion in failing to create a government.

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