RowCol Board Game

*** Special price for launch week – only $0.99 ***

RowCol is the exciting yet educational board game for kids.

RowCol is one of the first mental agility games designed for kids that is both fun to play and will aid brain development.
This exciting game is full of fun packages and lovely graphics that will challenge and train your kids cognitive skills.
Each new level is exciting and different from the last; it has been designed to test skill, focus and brain power in a whole new way.
Children will love how interactive the game is and it can keep them entertained for hours on end.

The game starts with a 4×4 grid of empty squares. The right hand side of the screen will show the user the tabs that they haven’t placed. These can be dragged and dropped into the right box!
Beware: some cards may not be part of any square – so make sure that you watch out for those!

The adorable graphics make RowCol fun and friendly. Everybody will love how challenging RowCol can be.

– Lovable graphics and triggered sounds.
– Skillful gameplay; great fun for any child: big or small!
– Sort 16 tabs into the squares but skip the bogus tabs!
– A whole new virtual board game
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