Rovie, Lovie, Dovie – Take Me Home

☆ Gameplay:
Bring Rovie Lovie and Dovie safely home.
Prrevent the witches from entering their homes.
Use swipe action to close the floor traps and tap the characters to collect money or game boost.

Sounds easy? Give it a try. Test your reflexes.

☆ Storyline:
Evil witches had destroyed the Land of the Fairies, home for Rovie Lovie and Dovie.
They had lost all their magical powers.
The fairies are forced to move to unfamiliar places.
The witch cast a spell on them and
they are allowed back to their beloved highlands only if they had live in six ‘human’ homes.

So now it is up to you sent the fairies back where they belong.

But beware! The evil witches are among them. Do not let them in.

☆ Aim:
In the land of fairy they use fairy coins. Collect as much fairy coins as possible to buy them new houses.
While you are at it buy for them new dress too.
You can buy game boost to help you along or buy different fairy coins to multiply your earnings.

However, some game boost and fairy coins are locked. You need increase your score to unlock them.

☆ Features
-Universal app
-Game Center integration leader board

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