Roulette Pro Lite

Roulette Pro Lite is a fun casino game which enables you to easily simulate the real roulette experience.

Roulette Pro Lite allows you to quickly change bets and test new strategies by constantly giving you up to date information:

Roulette Pro Lite limits you to $25 bet on the table.
Roulette Pro Lite only refreshes your chips to $75, instead of $500
Roulette Pro Lite also does not contain any statistics.
Roulette Pro Lite also contains iAds, and a slightly different interface.

Please see the full version of “Roulette Pro” to remove these limitations.

Some key features:
• Never run out of chips. When you “lose” all chips, you are given more chips to play!
• Chip value quick change
• Repeat last bets
• Remove all current bets
• See the most recent numbers: All the time
• See how much money was bet on the table
• Although the spin is animated, there is not much down time in between spins
• Fully random. Some apps do not seem to use appropriate randomizing methods when generating their numbers

Future Features:
• European Table
• Online play (Multiple people at the same table with a spin/bet countdown)
• Online roulette tournaments
• Game Center
• Achievements (Who doesnt love them?)
• +Many more!

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