Roulette Master II

Roulette Master

Ever have the urge to play roulette but didn’t have a table nearby?

NOW you can take one with you!

Never be away from a roulette table again.

Fantastic graphics and real casino style play make this a must have app for your iPhone. This roulette simulator is a great way to pass your leisure time, entertain your friends or practice that great system that you’ve discovered.

Place your bets and spin the wheel. The sounds of a spinning wheel and bouncing ball will transport you a casino atmosphere. Winners are announced by a ringing payout sound. The bank is credited with accurate chip amounts. Losers won’t leave disappointed after hearing the humorous sound bites.

The bank can be saved or reset. You can return to your winnings at any time.

Experience all of the fun and excitement of Las Vegas without the long ride home.

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