Roulette king InsightBet-ENCORE (Winning Tool for the Game of European Roulette)

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A mathematics professor one said ” You can learn more about the stock market from roulette, than you can learn about roulette from the stock market. ” What’s great about this app is you can always gain something not only money but also knowledge of investment, physics, probability,randomness, and life!

We have many great reviews in the latest Roulette King InsightBet-Turbo for the iPad . And some of our fans suggested us to make something as strong as the turbo version but more portable. Now we are introdcng you the InsightBet-Turbo’s iPhone version :” Roulette King InsightBet-Encore “.

As you know, there is no such thing like “Card Counting” in Roulette games; because even Einstein can’t beat roulette. This app has nothing to do with “Card counting”, if you are looking for that sort of app, this might not be the one you are looking for.However, we still have many pro roulette players who are interested in studying more about the roulette gaming. So far this is the most helpful app that could provide you insightful tips and most importantly, technical helps.

What if you could look at the numbers displayed on a roulette marquee and get a pretty good idea of what numbers would hit within the next few spins? What if the casino no longer held an edge over you because you understood secrets about the nature and tendencies of random numbers? How valuable would this knowledge be?

Roulette King InsightBet-Encore is a method for beating the game of roulette. It is based upon exploiting the tendencies of random numbers, different wheels have different tendencies, that’s why you need to observes the most updated definite tendencies.

The bottom line is that the only way to turn the tables on the casinos and beat the game of roulette long term is by exploiting these very real tendencies of random numbers. And after years of study and research, We created an app that does just that. You can read about it on our website: or bbs forum:

WARNING: This app is NOT ” betting For Dummies “.

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