“…RotaPix is a simple, fun puzzle game that is great for all ages. …” AppAdvice, 5 Stars

=NEW= Multiplayer via Game Center!!

A very simple puzzle game that tests your observational skill and tenacity. Rotate each piece of the puzzle as you try to recreate the original picture. Various modes of gameplay available:

Arcade mode: The clock ticks faster after each stage, how far can you go? How high can you rank on the leaderboard?

Speed mode: a puzzle of 4 by 4 sounds easy, but you have only 90 seconds to begin with and only 15 seconds added back to the clock after each stage AND help will run out.

Vault mode: Solve the open pieces to unlock the closed ones. Can you solve the 6×6 puzzle without the whole picture?

Relax Mode: No timer, no score, no pressure. Just relax and solve the puzzles.

MULTIPLAYER MODE: Race against a friend or some random challenger on Game Center to complete the same puzzle! Who’s faster?

All scoring modes are supported by Game Center’s Leaderboard.

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