Rot Rot

♥ Totally brand new puzzle game!
Here comes a totally brand new puzzle game of WESTRIVER, famous for 1to50 which downloaded more than 5 million.

♥ What is “Rot Rot”?
– “Rot Rot” was created based on the ideas of “The belt Of Moebius”.
– “Rot Rot” is a game to make a polygon with only two types of chocolate blocks.
– Absorbing 210 stages with target score, playing time, hidden chocolate blocks.

♥ Chocolate block!?
– Yes we aims Valentine’s day. You can give this game to your lovers as a gift in Valentine’s Day.
– It’s sweet and soft like chocolate.

♥ Is it difficult?
– No way! It will be the simplest game you play by far.
– Just tap to rotate(clockwise) a chocolate block.
– If you make a polygon, you can obtain score.
– The bigger polygon you make, the higher score you get.

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