Roswell Fighter Reloaded

This is the ultimate classic arcade style shooter!

Tons of aliens are waiting for you! And don’t forget, Mother Earth is in danger, so be fast and blow up every enemy to pieces in this beautiful mixed 2D/3D environment.

A classic arcade game has been refined into an excellent, modern version with improved game play. With each passing second it gets more and more challenging as you advance through hordes of totally new enemies, great boss fights and incredibly huge hand crafted levels!

An insane amount of enemies with varying behaviors will pump up your adrenaline to the limit.


✓ classic shoot ’em up with tons of new game-play elements
✓ amazing retro style
✓ breathtaking 2D & 3D HD graphics
✓ lots of upgrades, special weapons, and bombs
✓ 2 difficulty modes
✓ 11 huge hand-crafted levels
✓ awesome chip tunes music
✓ over 30 different enemies, each with individual move patterns!
✓ 6 huge bosses
✓ mini-games

✓ This universal app runs on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s as well as on iPad/iPad 2 and the new retina iPad

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