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Rope Rescue is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Rope Rescue Review

If your life ever throws you a wicked curve ball and you somehow find yourself on the trail of parakeet poachers, remember this much: Take rope. Take lots of rope.

Rope Rescue from Chillingo is a physics-based puzzle game starring birds. Sound familiar? Sure does, which is why you might be surprised to find that this feathered flock of puzzles has an interesting twist: The solution to each stage involves stretching a rope (or ropes) around several wooden gears.

Round and round we go.

See, Rope Rescue’s villain, King Bat, has body issues. He has decided that he needs to do something about his ugliness. His beautification plan involves kidnapping baby parakeets, stealing their feathers, and scotch-taping them to his own bare hide. Naturally, as an adult parakeet, you must stop this awful exploitation of the most vulnerable members of your species.

The rescue operation requires you to free each squab from its cage by linking a rope across a series of gears, which then turn to pull open the cage door. Naturally, it’s easier said than done. You only have a certain amount of rope to use (the less you use, the higher your score), and some levels demand that you thread multiple ropes at the same time.

Moreover, most of the levels contain hazards galore. These include fire traps, swaying knives, and bats that will dog you mercilessly while you try and do your thing. Don’t be fooled by Rope Rescue’s tropical setting: This game is anything but easy-going. It doesn’t wait too long before it challenges you to pull a rope through a gauntlet of knives before the dynamite tied to said rope blows you to Birdie Heaven.

Lives are on the line.

You do have some friends on your side, including your rescued parakeet pals, whom you can admire in a nursery once they’re saved. You can also rescue butterflies and get tips if you’re having trouble with a certain level.

Overall, though, Rope Rescue is a pretty challenging game, and the myriad traps in each level might be a bit much for some players. Fans of physics-based games who feel like the App Store’s latest offerings have been coddling them will definitely want to have a go at this one, but beware: Playing the game on the iPhone or iPod Touch can be a bit difficult, as your finger might block your view of the traps and the gears in some instances.

Rope Rescue is a pretty novel game, and puzzle freaks who aren’t driven away by the high challenge level will have a good time with it. The bird is the word–er, no, let’s try that again. Flip King Bat the bird–ugh, that’s even worse. Just get the game.