Rooster Crossing

Have you always been a fan of Snake and Frogger? Ever wish you could play both at the same time? Then Rooster Crossing is the next retro style arcade game for you. This game mixes the gameplay of Snake while also dodging obstacles like Frogger. Help Rusty the Rooster snag as many of his eggs as possible. But watch out for cars! One wrong move and Rusty is toast!

Whats New?
Version 2.1
-Tricked out Rooster Crossing with some sweet tunes
-Get rewarded with more points for playing on harder levels:
-15 points on Medium
-20 points on Hard
-Added a 3 second countdown when resuming from pause screen
Version 2.0
-New games modes:
-Easy (Constant Speed, One Car)
-Medium (Speed Increases, One Car)
-Hard (Speed Increases, Two Cars)
-Free Play (Speed Increases, No Boundaries)

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