Rolling Story

Hamster is an excellent example of how to make amazing hard game for casual players. The game is full of colorful animals where you can simply get lost however your soul will be singing from happiness while you are taking one sweet brave and quite eared alien through all the obstacles in order to achieve long-awaited finish. But let’s talk about him later!

Cute alien eats your time with the same significant speed as he neatly escapes from bugs that are easily getting on nerves. But nevertheless, the game offers you plenty of scope for a relaxing style of playing and challenges you whether you decide to achieve all possible “stars” and “achievements” which can ever be accomplished.

The game neatly balances between being a cause of spontaneous attack of fury and the euphoria of victory “OMG I did it”. Highly colored environment and extremely “delicious” and hilarious animations, all of these give Hamster game worth a try. Possibly, you may consider that such games are not being produced anymore.

No doubt there are a few types of control. Other games usually offer only leading your character on the screen regularly and monotonously, rather than using all possible touchscreen opportunities of your iPad and iPhone. The game regularly updates its gameplay after less than a dozen levels, not causing any destruction or problems for the players to enjoy new and exciting inversions. The player simply needs to choose the right track to go on! Later on you have got to maneuver between the monsters, smartly jump from one spot to another, ride surprisingly fun trains and fly jauntily across the gaps, while switching and choosing turns of your way.

And once again let’s remind you of amazing polychrome of this game. The game mainly depends and relies on the local system of “gates and keys”, although striking colors deserve a special mention of themselves. No, this game won’t cause epileptic seizures, but defiantly cause seizure, extreme tenderness and desire to erase the memory to go over again and again. Oleg is defiantly going to eat loads of your personal time but the only regret you will have is that the game finished way too quick. Get ready for exciting journey and best of luck!

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