Rolling Rat

Rolling Rat: Glide with a crazy rat on a crazy wheel

Play Rolling Rat addicting yet simple game. Enjoy the excitement and thrill with blazing balls of fire and speed of gliding. Have fun rolling down a hill with a crazy rat on a crazy wheel. All you have to do is keep the rat rolling, without hitting any obstacles.

Watch out for the vividly illustrated blazing balls of fire that come up to destroy the crazy wheel. To avoid the blazing ball of fire, tap on the screen just in time for the rat on the wheel to jump over the ball of fire to earn you points. At the same time, beware of spiny balls and more tricky obstacles hanging down from the ceiling.

Hitting an obstacle concludes the game. The longer the rat rolls on the crazy wheel, the higher you score. Your best score is showcased.

Enjoy keeping ‘em rolling!!

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