Rolling Idols: Lost City HD

Start the most epic puzzle journey of your life!

Incredible adventures are waiting for you in Rolling Idols: Lost City! Nibiru has swallowed the world’s elements, and only you have the power to prevent Armageddon! Can you save the world and triumph over evil?

Strategically match elements on a colorful field and find the special keys to set the elements free. Rebuild the ancient cradle of civilization – the Lost City – and drive away Nibiru once and for all. Become the ultimate hero!

•More than 100 levels;
•No time pressure! Take your time before each move;
•Bonuses for longer matches;
•Rebuild the Lost City by exploring jungles with exotic plants and animals;
•Stunning graphics;
•Discover the history of the mysterious Mayan civilization on your iPad!

Not ready to buy? You can always try the free version before buying the full one. Check out the store!

Enjoy regular content updates with amazing new features, adventures, and bonuses! Follow us for the updates! 

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