Roll the Egg Lite

Download a free version of Roll the Egg app, explore five unique locations and complete 49 exclusive levels not available in the full game!

Sly rabbits stole your feathers! But there is always a way out – after all, you still have a durable and stylish eggshell. Rabbits are in a hurry to escape, but you are lucky – they dropped several feathers. It’s a chance to catch thieves! Now you can set off in the hot pursuit of stolen feathers!

A bright and funny world of adventures awaits you. On your way you will encounter unusual obstacles, puzzling mazes, and crafty mechanisms. Will you be able to overcome all difficulties and find your precious feathers?

The more points you collect, the better!

Collect feathers to unlock new levels, jump and bounce off rabbits’ heads, choose the shortest path to achieve the best result! You can also change your eggshell’s appearance – just don’t forget to earn coins!

There are five worlds, each consisting of nine levels, for you to explore. Prove that you are the fastest and most accurate player!

Additional levels and adventures await you in the full version of the game!

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