Here is how the game works:
Click on the timer button to start the clock, then roll both dice by clicking on them, you then “flip over” any number combination box or boxes that correspond with the number you rolled. The goal is to flip over as many boxes in the fastest time possible. The clock will stop when you run out of number combinations or when you’ve flipped over all boxes. Your score will be the total of numbers left on the board added to your time. Example: 5 and 2 left on the board, completed in 26 seconds for a total score of 33. Your goal is to have the lowest score possible.
When there is no number on the board greater than 6 you only roll 1 dice.

There are 3 different versions of the game you can choose:
9 boxes, 10 boxes or 12 boxes.

You can also compete against other players in 2 ways:
1. The rules are the same as a single player, with each player trying for the lowest score.
2. No timer is used, each player takes their turn rolling the dice, whatever boxes are left when the player runs out of number combination’s to flip over, you add up the total and that is their score for the round, when a player reaches 45 they are out, the last player standing wins.

The reveal image: (image behind the numbered boxes), is customizable for each iphone owner. So upload that favorite pic of your mother-in-law, and start rolling the bones!

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