Roll the Ball

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Greeny needs your help! Help Greeny and his friends find the key and make their way home!

Roll the Ball is a fun and addictive puzzle game. Colorful levels and fun physics-based gameplay pull you into the game. As you beat the levels, Roll the Ball becomes more challenging, more fun, and harder to put down!

Play through our fun, challenging, and uniquely designed levels. Come up with your own solutions by positioning pieces. Choose between 4 different characters and 8 different color balls. Hurry, Greeny needs your help!


Fifteen unique levels to play. (Like it? Upgrade for more levels.) 60 levels total.

Each level has a unique design. (More to come.)

Choose between four characters and eight color balls.

Universal game. (Pay once get it for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.)
Note: After you purchase new levels you have to play level 15 again in order to unlock rest of the levels.

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