Roll’n Wipe

Move a ball on screen, and wife off the background, to see a hidden picture.
To move a ball, tilt your iPhone / iPad. It rolls quicker than you think, so you need to tilt your device in the right angle and direction.
HIgher levels (ranks) give you some harder challenge. What challenge? There may be some holes appearing on the surface. Avoid them!
If your ball falls in these holes, then you will lose that ball.
Faster be better! Wipe off the surface quicker. That gives you more points.
When your ball passes the Bonus Point, you will earn more points for a certain period of time.
You will gain even more extra points by passing Bonus Points consecutively.
The aspect becomes the game clear when you put it out more than 99.95%.
When you accomplish certain requirements, you will get some Coins. You can use them for purchasing some Special Balls. You may score some extra points on score, by using these Special Balls. Also, you may use the Coins to scratch the Lucky Cards which brings you some fortune.

Play & Enjoy!

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