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ngmoco Reveals First Three iPhone Games

We’ve received a press release from San Francisco-based publisher ngmoco detailing the publisher’s first three titles, Rolando, MazeFinger, and Topple. It’s great to see ex-EA exec Neil Young’s company come out of stealth mode! We are also trying for hands-on previews of these games, so stay tuned.


We first heard about Rolando over the summer, when developer Hand Circus announced that it was working on a quirky new platforming game for the iPhone. Since then, ngmoco has taken on publisher duties. It is presumably funding the rest of the project, as well as starting in on a fresh marketing campaign. Rolando is a ball-rolling game that reminds us a bit of Dizzy Bee in its overall aesthetic; however, this game seems to have a more traditional linear level structure, and it adds the ability to draw objects into the game with your finger. More feature details from the press release:

  • 36 levels over 4 worlds
  • Touch-tactics, physics and dexterity puzzles
  • Art by Mikko Walamies, noted graphic designer.

Rolando is due out in “Holiday 2008.”


MazeFinger, one of ngmoco’s “Fast Apps” (99 cent quickie games), is a simple touch-based maze-running game with a futuristic look and lots of neato audiovisual effects. Features include:

  • Arcade-style touch screen action
  • 200 levels with 1000 unique mazes
  • Traps, blockers and energy pickups
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Send high scores to your friends and foes

MazeFinger is hitting the App Store “this weekend” at 99 cents.


Topple, another “Fast App,” is a colorful accelerometer-based puzzle game. Blocks of all shapes, colors, sizes, and dispositions (they are endowed with cartoony faces, and are constantly mugging) fall from the top of the screen, and you have to rotate and maneuver them into place so that they form a stable tower. When the tower starts to sway back and forth, you have to tilt the iPhone to counteract its instability. Topple sports:

  • Multiple game modes
  • 20 achievements
  • Email challenges

Topple arrives on the App Store later in October.