Rogue Vertex Free

This is the ad-supported version of Rogue Vertex. If you’d prefer to play without ads (and with added features including two additional modes, leaderboards, and more), then you can grab the full version for just 99 cents.

Easy to learn, difficult to master, and impossible to put down!

Drop numbered blocks onto a 7×7 grid and create chain reactions to earn points.

– Two modes of play: Classic and Hardcore (get the full Rogue Vertex to also get Nightmare and Viral modes).
– Two-player local coop!
– Enjoy a simple, clean design so that you can focus on the addicting gameplay.
– Universal app! Also supports iPhone 5’s native resolution.
– Free version does not have leaderboards and achievements.
– Free version does not have Nightmare and Viral modes.
– Free version is ad-supported in a way that does not impact gameplay.

Visit our forums or email if you have any issues or suggestions.

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