RockHead Free

**Now Featured as a Hot Music Game in the Canadian App Store! (June, 2012)**

It’s 1980-something and you’re listening to the mixed tape that you’re sure defines you as the deep, complex, rockstar that you are on your walkman. You’re belting out the words only to be corrected by your biggest crush who happens to be that band’s biggest fan…okay, so maybe that was me, but please try the game. it’s a funny guess-the-next-lyric-memory-maze game that links to all the songs in iTunes so you can fill your playlist with all your rockin’ faves.

Swipe. Laugh. Learn. And avoid the chimps!

*Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with, nor sponsored or endorsed by, the songwriters or the songs’ copyright holders or their affiliates in any way. All related intellectual property rights are the property of their respective owners. This app is intended for educational and informational use only. While Wizkeit Games has attempted to ensure the reliability of the information contained in this app, Wizkeit Games does not make any representations or warranties thereof, including without limitation the accuracy or completeness of such information.

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