Rocket Penguin

Pingy the penguin wanted to fly. But the bird-fishies wouldn’t let him. Even after discovering a mystical Rocket Pack, the bird-fishies still mocked him and threw rocks in his face. “You’re not a bird! Get down and wobble around, Penguin!” said the bird-fishies. But Pingy was determined to show them that he too was a bird, and he could fly! Help Pingy prove himself by showing these bird-fishies whose boss! Dodge, block and counter attack with special power-ups and fish ammo to get Pingy as far as he can to prove he can hang with the big bird-fishies!

Rocket Penguin features a loveable yet courageous Penguin named “Pingy” whom you take control of the skies with. Throw fish bullets to defend yourself in flight and use power-ups to activate turtle shields, ice fish shotgun blasts and more! Wave after wave; see how far you can get without letting the bird-fishies get to you!

Simply drag Pingy around the screen while tapping a button to throw fishies!

* Free ammo to get you started!
* Free updates and features!
* Retina display support!
* Gravity based projectiles!
* Unlockable costumes and abilities!
* Different firing modes (single, burst, scatter shot)
* Unique bird-fishies to defend against

A Universal App with HD optimized graphics for retina resolution.

Rocket Penguin is best played on the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad 1&2 & the New iPad, and iPod 4G.

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