Rock The Vegas for iPhone

…I recommend everybody to download this game and give it a shot…

Rock the Vegas is an exciting symbiosis of numerous game genres: tycoon, city builder, gambling and social. Players do more than just build a city; rather, they erect a veritable Las Vegas prototype. This means that the city comes really alive at night, as that’s the “hottest” time in real-world Vegas: casinos erupt in bright lights, cars flood the roads, and life is humming. Build Vegas the way you want it: use unique bars, entertainment centers and (naturally!) casinos to create an atmosphere of total, uninhibited fun! Then try your own luck at a jackpot! Visit your friends, vote for the best city, help one another and send each other gifts. Challenge your friends with achievements – be the best in Rock the Vegas! 

Game Objectives:
– build your own Las Vegas in the middle of the desert; 
– upgrade your buildings and receive a profit; 
– build casinos to attract more tourists; 
– try your own luck and win a jackpot; 
– expand your territory; 
– visit your friends, vote for their cities and send gifts to each other; 
– compete with your friends for the best ratings; 

Game Features: 
– Build your very own Las Vegas
– An atmosphere of total, uninhibited fun
– Unique bars, entertainment centers and (naturally!) casinos 
– Switch between day and night modes and play in the glamorous neon light
– Try your hand at gambling and winning a jackpot 
– Visit your friends, help them and send gifts to each other 
– Challenge your friends – be the best in Rock the Vegas! 

iPad version:

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