Robot Rampage

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $0.99) Rating: 12+

Robot Rampage is a game from Origin8, originally released 12th February, 2010


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Cheap Shot: Robot Rampage

In Robot Rampage, you’re placed in the giant metal shoes of an alien destroyer sent to Earth to level block after block of buildings while incinerating the very best that the puny Earthling armies have to throw at you. If that doesn’t have you sold already, then we don’t know what’s going to do the trick.

Due in large part to its awesome premise, Robot Rampage ends up being a lot of fun, even though the gameplay can be pretty simplistic. With a few tweaks, this could be a great time-waster for any work-bound commuter.

Like an R-rated Iron Giant.

There’s a great thrill that comes from shooting a giant laser out of your eyes to destroy every sentient and non-sentient object on the screen. But the game isn’t completely without problems. For starters, the stomp and bash attacks are completely useless, because your lasers do a perfectly good job of bringing down buildings in the first place, without the need to stop or let your guard down. And they’re no good against enemies either, because if anything is that close to you, then you’re probably dead anyways.

Robot Rampage is plenty of fun in moderation. It’s not going to be a Doodle Jump, Canabalt, or Tractor Beam type of game that you play over and over again, but for a quick fix, Robot Rampage would be fun addition to any iTunes library.