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KICK ROBUTT in this new turn-based tactical strategy game!

A menacing space station has appeared in orbit above the Earth. On board an army of evil robots is being assembled to invade the planet. Meanwhile, a lone discarded Robo wakes up with a fresh perspective… saving humanity! Can you help our Robo Hero escape the space station and put an end to the nefarious plot?


• 3 Gameplay Modes
• 30 single player missions
• 12 multiplayer battlefields
• 15 powerful weapons and armors
• Hand painted and beautifully rendered cut scenes
• Professionally mastered soundtrack
• Pass-and-play multiplayer with online turn-based support coming soon!
• TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Test out the first 10 Story levels, Arena and Multiplayer modes for FREE!

Pre-program up to 15 moves into your Robo and watch him carry out the commands in real time.

Arena Mode and Multiplayer Mode allow players to put their tactical and strategic skills to the ultimate test against up to 6 AI players or 4 friends in 2 different games across over a dozen battlefields!

Watch the RoboHero Trailer:

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“RoboHero is probably the most fun you’ll ever have preventing the robot apocalypse” -Gamezebo

“An incredibly well polished debut with hearty depth and lots of challenge… give it a spin!” -iFanzine

“It’s like Bomberman for people who like chess.” -Snackbar Games

“…positively reeks of high polish!” -iOS Board Game Blog

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