Robo Leap

20 levels stand between you and freedom, by clicking, jump from one orb to another, and make your way to the tempting apples. Enough apples will give you the energy you need to fly away, but watch out for the aggressive constructs that lurk within!

To leap, click the wheel that you are connected to.

You will leap in the direction that you are facing.

Follow the blue arrow and collect the apples.

After finding every apple on the level, head for the exit.

Each level is timed!

Gain more time by:

* Defeating enemy robots
* Collecting Apples
* Clicking on a wheel that has a pulsating “B” (for bonus) on it.

Enemy robots can be defeated by leaping into them or by clicking on a wheel that they are currently passing over.

On every level there is a golden Star to collect. Get every Star to unlock the final levels!

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