Robbing For Riches Lite

Robbing For Riches Lite (5 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 5 credits per line (up to 9 lines) – Any 4 scattered bonus symbols triggers one of two interactive bonus games. Steal your way up to thousands of credits to win all of the 41 trophy achievements and purchase the 10 items in the gift shop with your winnings. For once, it pays to be on the other side of the law!

Bonus Games: Race your way to your safe house as the cops give chase! Roll the dice to determine the fate of your stolen goods. Can you make it all the way to the safe house before Johnny Law catches you?!
Choose a safe to crack!! – Listen to the sound effects as you make your fast getaway.

*Casino-style Design
*41 Achievable Trophies Feature
*10 Gift Shop Items
*Up to 9 Lines in Play
*Up to 5 Credits per Line
*2 Bonus Games
*x4 Bonus Symbol Activates Bonus Game

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