Road Wars HD

Find a friend, and prepare yourself for an entirely unique and enjoyable gaming experience!

It’s a racing game… but it’s different than any racing game you have ever played!

It’s up to you and a buddy – road and car compete for the victory! One player controls direction and ascent of the constantly growing roadway, while the second player tries to keep his car on the unpredictable course for as long as possible…. and to make things even more difficult, you will have a randomly generated series of obstacles!

Choose your car, customize your level, and begin the greatest race of your life!

Road Wars introduces:
– Totally new type of racing game!
– Realistic driving model with skidding, braking and gas control!
– Two amazing game modes – Versus, and Co-op!
– Fully customizable cars, and levels!
– Race against your friend with Hot Seat (on the same device)!
– High quality graphics and music!
– Specially designed for iPad!
– Intuitive interface!
– Separate scoreboards for each of the modes!
– Retina screen support!
– Full compatibility with iOS 6!
– Game Center Leaderboards!
– Game Center Achievements!

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