Road Hog

Road Hog is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    New App A Day: Road Hog

    Every day, we sort through our inbox of new games and find one to feature for you. Don’t take this as a recommendation, though, especially for today’s game, Road Hog.

    Road Hog is a high-score survival game where you have to control a car on a road littered with hazards. You can steer around obstacles using your finger, or jump by tapping anywhere on the screen.

    You have three lives, and can pick up some Mario Kart-style powerups like a missile launcher to wipe out the obstacles in front of you. You can also pick up stars to boost your high score.

    But Road Hog has problems galore. There are no tilt controls, and the touch controls seem to confuse steering and jumping fairly often. Plus, in what’s a staggering oversight for a high-score game, the high scores aren’t very friendly. You can’t view your own best scores, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to upload your scores to the game’s online leaderboards without signing into Facebook. No OpenFeint or similar network supports this game.

    We know you like high-score survival games out there, since you keep buying them. But Road Hog is a wreck, so steer clear until the developers fix this game’s massive flaws.