Rivals for Catan

Be the Prince or Princess of Catan and decide on the fate of its settlers!

This exciting Catan card game challenges you to rule a realm on Catan. Construct cities and settlements, build ships and roads, and hire heroes to outplay your opponents!

Three different game modes provide varied challenges:

– An easy-to-play introductory game, ‘The First Catanians’ is exclusively played with the cards of the basic set and using simple rules. The ideal way to get started with the game!
– Theme set games represent new eras on Catan, adding numerous cards to the game: Make clever use of trade advantages and the opportunities of cards like the university or the pharmacy to achieve domination over Catan!
– The ‘Duel of the Princes’ is the most advanced game mode: it is played with cards from all theme sets, offering even more strategic and tactical possibilities, thus providing some truly sophisticated games.


– Based on the original card game by the creator of Catan, Klaus Teuber
– Exciting two-player duels
– Three game modes with various difficulties
– Numerous AI opponents with different personalities and tactics provide varied challenges
– Online and local multiplayer modes (online multiplayer via Apple Game Center)
– Based on the rules of the comprehensive, revised edition of the Catan card game
– Including Cards Almanac for easy reference and comprehensive tutorials to get started


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Rivals for Catan Review

Translating board games to computer games is a risky job. On the one hand, the game you're making is already proven to be fun. On the other, sometimes you need a shoehorn to make it fit into the restricted environment of processor and screen. Sometimes you triumph and get a Carcassonne or a Ticket to Ride, but more often you get a mixed bag like Rivals of Catan. Rivals of Catan has a strong pedigree. Read More →

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