Risky Gems

Risky Gems is a turn-based match-3 style battle game.

There are 7 types of gems with different effect on the game (big and small attack, life, defence and counter attack gems + silver and gold star gems). To collect gems match at least 3. 4 or more gems matched creates special effects like extra turn, bomb gem and rainbow gem. Collected stars and earned crystals can be used to unleash special powers. For every battle you can chose 3 out of 9 special powers to help you win the battle.
Every conquered region rewards you with upgrade points(U.P.s). Upgrade your skills and battle your way to the end.

– LeaderBoards
– Achievements
– Multiplayer

You can play online head to head battles via Game Center. Choose your difficulty level and let Game Center find you opponent or challenge you friends.
Now you can play local multiplayer via WiFi/Bluetooth.

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