Rise of the Warriors

Partnering with Kabam, here is a new strategic and social duelling multiplayer online role playing game built in a fantastic and epic storyline. Discover a vast world where the Chaotic Minions have spread throughout to prepare the Chaos Invasion! Help the Prince to fight the Chaos army and become the Hero of the Realms!

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Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Dark Elves, Dragonkin, Werewolves, Gnolls, the Undeads and numerous others are determined to invade the Lands of the Goldenlion. Will you be able to stop them?
Come and join us in this epic journey!

▻Use your skill or potion cards to defeat your enemies!
▻For real challenges, get a blessing from the Gods!

▻Fight against thousands of players online!
▻Send messages! Create a friends list!
▻Share your achievements on Facebook!
▻Invite your friends to fight more every day!
▻Check your rank in the game’s leader board!
▻Easily find your Game Center friends!

▻Choose from eight (8) duel styles with specific skill cards!
▻Join one of the five (5) Houses and an additional skill card!
▻Choose your color and one of the six avatars available per duel style!

▻Collect Skill cards!
▻Show up in training zones with the best weapon and armor!
▻Unlock rare weapons, armor, potions, blessings and magic weapons!

▻Discover a vast world and find Missions, perform Training, accept Challenges and find Bonus zones!!
▻Perform numerous heroic missions built in a fantastic storyline!
▻Challenge fantastic creatures in the Monster Pit and get bigger rewards!

▻Build and upgrade your Camp to gain access to more resources!

▻We are constantly working to add new content, upgrade graphics and performance of the game. We have a complete update planned with many surprises!

▻Enjoy gorgeous manga style graphics, quality music and sounds effects!

▻Enjoy efficient support from our team and numerous promotions all year long!

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