Rise of the Warlock King

Battle and fight alongside real players in this FREE epic fantasy strategy game! Become the Warlock King!

***** “This game is gorgeous and highly addictive”
***** “Building and battling are a great combo in this game, better than any others I’ve played”

Rise of the Warlock King is a fantasy MMO that combines base building and strategic combat with RPG elements like equipment collection. Summon monsters, explore the world of Eldenfell, and create guilds with your friends to conquer your enemies. Collect 1000’s of items, chat, create alliances, and conquer your enemies!


☑ WORLD – Lush and detailed online game world to explore
☑ BUILD – Construct a powerful tower and defend it
☑ PVP – Battle real players
☑ PVE – Epic single player battles
☑ MONSTERS – Summon monsters for battle
☑ GUILDS – Join forces with your friends
☑ ITEMS – Make your wizard more powerful with 1000’s of items
☑ CHAT – Create alliances and make enemies

Install Rise of the Warlock King today. It’s free!

Note: A network connection is required to play. Requires iOS 5 or later.
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