Riot Rings™ XL

Crazy weekend sale!! Get Crazy Rings now!
Reviews: “Crazy Rings is the perfect iPad game. It’s fast paced, colorful, engaging” – 4.5/5 (

• Game of the week! Gold award! – 9/10 (

Welcome to Crazy Rings!
Watch the launch video:

An incredible adventure: Classic, fun game play – revolutionized! Riots in zoos all around the world! Stop the stampede – Play Crazy Rings!

• Over 100 levels of fun, hours of entertainment! For the price of a coffee…
• Amazing extras like the flying hambone and the all-mighty carrot!
• Awesome game play and ideas, tailor-made for touch devices!
• 3 game play modes: The Campaign, Zen Mode and Free Play
• Hilarious characters and vivid presentation!
• Profiles – Your girl/boyfriend wants to play too? No need to delete your progress!
• Game Center – Compare your score with your friends!

Get Crazy Rings today! You will love it!

MPORTANT: Users who have not switched off their iDevice for a longer period of time (weeks or months) might expect crashing apps. This is a known iOS problem. If this occurs, just hard-reset your iDevice and the game will run as expected!

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