Ring-Toss is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Ring-Toss Review

There’s a famous saying about a sucker being born every minute, and the same can probably be said for poorly conceived, slapdash iPhone games. While we hope most of our readers are sensible enough to avoid games like Ring-Toss, we offer this warning in case you’re lured by the App Store carnival barker: Stay far away.

We’ve played quite a few high-quality boardwalk and carnival-inspired games on the iPhone, like Skee-Ball and Carnival Games Live. But Ring-Toss is definitely not a winner.

The physics behave unlike those in any universe we’ve ever been in, with your rings floating like flying saucers, staying perfectly horizontal even if they hit the side of a peg. They also disappear after each throw, or if you start to throw a second while the first is in the air. These unappealing glitches should have been fixed long before the game was available to purchase.

Step right up!

Inspired by Skee-Ball, Ring-Toss awards you tickets for successful throws. You’ll only earn a few at a time even if you score a lot if points, which is slow and boring due to the terrible physics. The six prizes that are available cost up to hundreds of tickets, and if you can pay this game that long, you deserve to have a real prize shipped to your door.

Oddly, this awful game has OpenFeint, which shares your total ticket earnings with your friends. But with a game this bad, that’s probably not an achievement you’ll be proud of.

Ring-Toss has a long way to go before it can be considered tolerable, starting with the awful physics and ticketing system. The two dollars it costs would be better spent on many other iPhone games, or even in the tip jar of your favorite coffee shop.