Rilakkuma is Where

*** Product features
A game where you find Rilakkuma posing a certain way among lots of Rilakkuma!

You’re free to the play the 50 stages in any order, so start with any stage you like!
But be warned, the stages in the latter half are increasingly more difficult!

Clear stages and Rilakkuma will be saved in an album in the poses you find.
Clear lots of stages to complete the cute album!

There’s also a splendid prize for clearing all the stages, so try them all!

Can you find Rilakkuma relaxing in his many poses??

*** Language

***Compatible Device
Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone4S, iPad and iPod touch 4th generation and up.

*** Legal notice
Unauthorized reproduction of the illustrations and images used in this app is strictly prohibited.
All the illustrations and images are the copyright of San-X Co., Ltd.

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