The puzzle of gravity will excite your brain.
“RightLeft” is innovative, mind twisting puzzle game yet easy to pick up and play.
Rules are simple. Move and connect the same colored balls or blocks together in order to erase them from the field.
Once you have erased all the colored pieces, you have completed the level.
However, you cannot move balls and blocks individually so you need to figure out how to connect same colors together by using the game board.
Use the field object wisely in order to match the pairs together!

・Rotate field by tilting, or flicking the screen ※1
・The colored ball will fall according to the gravity
・connect same colored balls or blocks together to erase them.
・Erasing all the colored balls and blocks to complete the level.

※1change game play under “setting”


-Tilt sensitivity controls and optional touch input mode
-30 levels separated into “easy” “medium” “hard” mode
-In App Purchase for more new mind twisting levels
-New levels that was never included in consumer vr.
-5 different BGM and background skins to customize your game

supports iPhone and iPod touch with iPhone OS 3.0

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