Riddle Wheels

Does your kid like to play on iPhone? Make this gaming a learning process with a lot of fun!

Designed for toddlers, this game develops recognition of common everyday things around our kid, including their shapes, colors, patterns, even helps learning animals’ names and sounds, and enhances associative, logical, spatial and visual thinking.


* SHAPES: Choose the object of the right shape from the sets given!
* WHAT THEY LIKE: Feed animals with the right food! Tap the food from a set and drag it to correct animal!
* PAIR: Select the right pair for an object – ex. finish doll’s clothing based on given design and color!
* MISSING: Complete the picture by choosing a missing part! Select the right tail for an animal, or a missing wing for a butterfly!


* SELF-EXPLANATORY GRAPHICS to make playing easy for toddlers.
* VOICE-OVERS recorded by real kid, not synthesized voice, for quick recognition and learning of objects on the screen.
* SOUND EFFECTS help kids to learn sounds produced by animals.
* VIRTUAL GIFTROOM for prizes won, when “wheels spin” in your kid’s mind and the riddles are solved. Upon each level completion, your kid is presented with choice of exclusive riddle wheels, designed according to various themes.
* TESTED by our own kids!

More levels and prizes will be added soon, as well as localizations for other languages so that the game can be enjoyed by kids all over the world.

We’d appreciate if you leave a review for our game! We want to make our game better, so your opinion is important for us. Please visit the support link to send information about bugs, or leave suggestions.

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