Leave those troublesome dice in the box.

Click the web site link to watch the screencast video on YouTube.

Defeat your competition in record time.

Never gonna give it up.
✓ Play without disputes, collisions, or complaining.
✓ Leave behind the days of knocking game pieces around with flying dice.
✓ All dice are visibly reordered at the end of each roll to assist with comparison.
✓ Your losing dice are automatically dimmed out, each signifying the loss of a piece.

You know the game and you’re gonna play it.
✓ Roll each set of dice by swiping along the arrows.
✓ Individual dice are disabled or re-enabled with a tap.
✓ Scroll through five different backgrounds with an up or down flick.
✓ Keeps one dice set animated when rolling, winding down once both sets are swiped.

Never gonna put it down.
✓ Nifty backgrounds customized for screen sizes large and small.
✓ Optimized, detailed graphics included for high resolution displays.
✓ Will always be there to help you conquer the world.

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