Rhythm Swing


Thank you for using our location based ranking system “Cocoge” services. We have two announcements related to our “Cocoge” service, which are as followed:

[1] Closing down Areal Ranking system and Competition services.
First of all we would like to apologies for this inconvenient approach, but as of January 31st, 2013, we will close down the Ranking system and the Competition services and starting from February 1st, 2013 all current rankings system, competition data and personal information will all be terminated.

Again, we apologies for the inconvenience and hope you will understand.


Rhythm Swing is the exhilarating pepper game. Always aim the best score. Simply swipe the bat and hit the ball to the music.

Hit the ball one after another to the music.
You get 100pt within the square, 150pt at the center circle.
0pt for missed swing and passed ball.

Get 100 extra pt by getting barrage of hits, a combo!
The number of COMBO x 100pt will be added at the result accouncement after the game.

Rhythm Swing supports cocoGe system which enables you to compete with
your friends. Sign up now with cocoGe to check out your ranking by clicking
“COCOGE” button at the right corner. You can view your score by
different levels of area such as town, city, prefecture/state, and
country. Play and have fan with frineds!

Tweet or post your score on Twitter or Facebook. Share your score with frineds and play Rhythm Swing with friends!

– Relax and hit a ball one by one while keeping your eye on the ball.
– Toss is patten-based. Remember the sequence of pitches and follow the pattern.
– Swipe anywhere inside the screen except the banner at the bottom of screen.
Swipe the corner of screen so you get a better view of the ball.

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