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Revolt Review

The story of human struggle for survival is classic, especially when there are incredible odds stacked against a sole survivor. Revolt takes place in a post-2012 world– 2012 being the year in which the sun blacked out and society collapsed into chaos.

“Enlightened ones” offered peace and security to the frenzied masses, but they turned out to be pawns for robots, who subsequently enslaved humanity. All of this and more is told at the beginning of Revolt in a voiceover, and the story continues through text at the beginning of every level.

You play the protagonist Guy in this top-down dual-stick action RPG, and you battle the vast robotic hordes of the technocracy. You start out with an AK-47, a handgun, and a few frag grenades, and collect parts of destroyed robots to create new upgrades. You see, Guy used to be a robot assembly mechanic, so he has the skills to upgrade his weapons. This is one example of how Revolt cleverly explains how game elements make sense plot-wise, which we definitely appreciate.

Explosions happened here.

There are two modes, Story and Survival, with three difficulties each. Survival mode is pretty standard: 20 different arenas, rounds of robot fights followed by upgrades, with scores posted to OpenFeint. Story mode is made up of eight levels, but has a few technical flaws.

For one, if you have to take a call or use another app while in the middle of a level, it doesn’t autosave your progress. Instead, you have to start the level over again, which is a violation of our Bill of Rights. Additionally, the camera is only controlled by swiping the screen, which is the last thing you want to do while worrying about killer robot attacks. This can create visibility issues, as well as mid-battle frustrations.

That having been said, Revolt is a good action RPG, with a lot more attention paid to plot than is typical of the genre. The action is entertaining, and the cold metal corridors of the evil technocracy form a suitably formidable environment in which to revolt.