REVLUX Reversi

Available in Appstore only until July 19, 2013!
Tournament level Reversi/Othello App.
REVLUX is the strongest playing App ever developed for iPhone/iPad.

(Please note: Low reviews were related to previous versions that contained bugs. These are fixed now.)

It has 3 levels of play: Basic, Advanced and Pro.

At ‘Pro’, it looks ahead never less than 7 half-moves, and can go up to 24 half-moves.

At ‘Advanced’, you need to be a very good player to beat it.

‘Basic’ shouldn’t be too difficult to beat, although App will not play any stupid moves.

It keeps track of the number of games you played and how many times you won or lost.

It gives you suggestions on what to play and simulates your move, giving you the opportunity to make a different choice.

You can take your move back and try something else.

You can remove the ads by purchasing an upgrade.

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