Reversi 3D

We would say it’s the best Reversi app on the App Store, but it’s you to decide.

Introducing Reversi 3D – popular and well known board strategy game – where your goal is to have more pawns on the board then your opponent has and you can achieve this by taking over his pawns. But be aware, it works both ways!

Reversi 3D is an “easy to learn, hard to master” game. You can follow in-game tutorial to get started quickly and begin to improve your skills. There are three difficulty levels to match your needs and you can play multiplayer matches with friends and people around the world.

Integration with Game Center will take your multiplayer experience to the whole new level:
- turn based game support, which means that you’ll get notification every time it’s your move and you are not currently in the game,
- many multiplayer matches at a time and you’ll be automatically switched to a match which requires your attention,
- multiplayer matches in the cloud, which means that you can exit the game and resume multiplayer match at any time, not necessarily on the same iOS device :)
- and don’t worry that your opponent will get bored when you decide to continue match later, she or he can play many other matches simultaneously.

- great 3D graphics with smooth camera and pawns animations,
- Game Center support and leader boards,
- in-game tutorial,
- computer opponent with three difficulty levels,
- notifications whenever it’s your turn,
- many simultaneous multiplayer matches,
- multiplayer matches in the cloud (resume match at any time and even on other iOS device).

In a free version you get access to a tutorial, an easy computer player and you can play many multiplayer matches when someone invites you to a match.

To play medium and hard computer players and to create or join random multiplayer games you have to upgrade to full version using In App Purchase.

Please notice that Reversi 3D requires iOS 5.0 or later. Game Center features requires you to be logged into Game Center.

Thank you for your attention, have a good time playing Reversi 3D.
Buzzard Studio

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